Bless, encourage, and strengthen your couples with this FUN night out!
“Mark, Thank you for another engaging Great Date Night! Your thoughtful mixture of music and comedy left our couples refreshed and encouraged towards a deeper relationship with the Lord and with each other....We appreciate you!!”
Bob Thornton, Associate Pastor,
Burke Community Church, Burke, VA
The Great Date Night is a fun and effective marriage-enriching event. Transform your sanctuary, family life center, or fellowship hall into a casual coffeehouse/cafe, and provide some tasty desserts and snacks. Give your couples a relaxing night out where they can enjoy some engaging acoustic music, laugh-out-loud comedy, and reconnect with each other in a comfortable and inspiring setting!
The evening typically consists of a 50 minute set of music and comedy, a relaxed 30 minute break when folks can grab some dessert and interact, followed by another 30 minute set. Your couples will get to unwind and be encouraged to make and keep their relationships Christ-centered and a top priority - truly a "great date"!!  
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The Great Night Out is a very similar event to the Great Date Night with the same format and set-up but designed for and open to all adults. It is a fun and relaxing evening filled with great stories, songs, comedy and those tasty desserts. It is an excellent opportunity to build fellowship and provide outreach as it is aimed to bless, entertain and minister to all those that attend!
Singer, songwriter and funny man, Mark Cable has performed in this setting for over 15 years. His insightful, everyday-life songs along with his off the wall sense of humor make him an instant hit. An accomplished acoustic guitarist, Mark has toured full-time for over 30 years and has released 20 CDs.
“Mark, It was a pleasure to work with you again. There is a short list of artists that are really effective at ministering to our own people - while connecting with the friends that we invite…You are at the top of that list!”
Rev. Steve Kindt,  New Holland Nazarene Ch., New Holland, PA
Mark and his wife Dodi live in York, PA and have 6 children. Both he and Dodi are involved in their local church. Mark's favorite pastimes are mostly basketball-related.  He has coached middle school and youth basketball for over 20 years, and still enjoys watching and playing.
The Great Date Night
from the Quarantine Sessions
from the Quarantine Sessions
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"Somehow you encouraged us to be better spouses, parents, and followers of Jesus - while we were snorting with laughter. Well done!"
     Nate Ransil, Program Director
     Sandy Cove Conf. Center, North East, MD
"My wife and I had a blast and absolutely LOVED your show! You are a phenomenal storyteller, songwriter and performer!"  
     Matt Goss, Worship Pastor    
     LCBC, Manheim, PA
"Mark, We absolutely loved our 'Great Night Out' with was a blast!...a perfect combination of humor, music, and gospel message that engages and entertains the audience from start to finish. We cannot wait to have you back!" 
     Rich Hurles, Pastor,
     LifePoint Community Ch., Plymouth OH
“Mark, thank you for another engaging Great Date Night! Your thoughtful mixture of music and comedy left our couples refreshed and encouraged towards a deeper relationship with the Lord and with each other...We appreciate you!” 
     Bob Thornton, Assoc. Pastor      
     Burke Community Church, Burke, VA
"Definitely our best couples event in many years.”  
     Pastor Mark Martin
     Maiden Lane Ch. of God, Springfield, OH
“Mark, we thoroughly enjoyed the GREAT DATE NIGHT! It was relatable to every couple in the room. Loved your humor, your transparency, and of course your incredible guitar and vocal skills! We look forward to having you back again!"
     Chad Stoecker, Exec. Pastor      
     Marlton AOG, Marlton, NJ    
“Mark, the evening was a wonderful night of laughter and fun. You have a great gift of music and expressing your heart for Jesus. We found the grace of God in your Great Date Night." 
     Pastor Steve Bane
     New Stanton UMC, New Stanton, PA
“There were several men in attendance who will not come to church with their wives. They came to the Great Date Night and really enjoyed it....this
means so much to us here at Grace!”  
     Joelle Zimmerman     
     Grace Christian Fellowship, Cortland, NY  
“Mark, you are one of the funniest performers I have ever heard... and your songs, stories and message about God's incredible grace left a lasting impact on all of us!"
     Pastor Mark Young,
     Mt. Pleasant Church, Chambersburg, PA
“We loved having you perform at our Great Date Night !! Your on stage presence, musical skill, and comedy really connected with our guests! Every compliment I received started with ‘Mark was awesome, we need to bring him back!’”  
     Rob Ziegler     
     Central Presbyterian Ch., Baltimore, MD    

PROMOTE - Mark will design individualized full color posters, bulletin inserts, and promo video to help you get the word out.  
ANNOUNCE - Make tickets available the 4-5 Sundays leading up to the date. (Suggested ticket price: $20-$25 per couple) 
PREPARE - Line up desserts for the break. Three suggestions: 1) Have couples sign up in advance to bring a dessert item to share. 2) Have your Hospitality Committee (or those in your church who love to bake!) organize and prepare. 3) Order ahead of time and purchase from a local grocery store or bakery. 


Pre-Event Day
TRANSFORM - Turn your sanctuary, family life center, or fellowship hall into a casual cafe. Be creative! Tables with tablecloths, candles, pretzels, popcorn, etc.  

FOOD PREP - Cut, portion, and plate desserts for easy and safe serving during the break. 
SERVE - Have various beverages available as folks arrive: coffee, teas, hot cider, sodas, punch, etc. 


WELCOME - Have your emcee welcome everyone and give them a “5 minute warning”, encouraging them to get something to drink and start finding a seat. 
ENJOY - Have your emcee introduce Mark and he will do his first set of music and comedy (50 minutes), which includes songs and stories that deal with marriage, family, faith...and fun! 
INTERACT - There is an intentional 30 minute break for couples to grab a dessert (or 2!) and have a time to relax and interact with their spouse and friends around their tables. 
REFLECT - Mark will do another 30 minute set to close out the evening, challenging and encouraging the couples to think about the things in life that matter most! 

Approximate GREAT DATE NIGHT event length – 2 hours